Friday, May 23, 2014

Figments & Filaments 2014

Better late than never - a review of the first annual Figments & Filaments costuming convention!
I'd first like to give a huge shout-out to Corwyn MacCamie and his convention crew for a smooth, professional show, an innovative concept, and (most of all) for having me as a guest.

Figments & Filaments is a convention all about costuming, encompassing everything from historical recreation to cosplay. Themes such as goth, LARP, steampunk, etc. were all represented in the many informative panels offered. Costume designers and historians filled the roster of special guests, and the convention flew in Gale R. Owen-Crocker, a Professor of Anglo-Saxon Culture at The University of Manchester, UK and Director of the Manchester Centre for Anglo-Saxon Studies.

I had the delight to be seated next to Thomas Willeford, whose Guest of Honor table sported a mechanical menagerie of steampunk staples: flasks, leather jewelry, and goggles. Upon closer inspection, the goggles he had to offer looked extremely realistic, more so than any I had seen before, and I was impressed enough to purchase a pair for my top hat. Thomas was a lively, charismatic chap, and he drew me in with his searing intelligence and wit. I have the pleasure of owning a signed copy of his clever book, "The Steampunk Adventurer's Guide", which explains and illustrates the methods of creation for various steampunk regalia using materials that won't break the bank. Through the use of clarity and humor, Thomas guides the potentially inexperienced reader down a path of artistic creation - as it says on the cover: "contraptions, creations, and curiousities anyone can make". Who knows, I may get crafty. C];-D>

As a Guest of Honor myself, I had a panel titled "Costume and the Role", in which I was to cover how wardrobe informs a role. I have worn various vastly different disguises in my career, many of which strongly influenced my portrayal of the characters (from Kings on stage to Demons on television). So I mouthed off for an hour or two, as I am wont to do C];-D>

In retrospect, I dare to say a terrific time was had by all at this cozy, first-year incarnation of FNF. A huge "thank you" again to all those convention staff who chauffeured me, fed me, and gifted me with copious amounts of alcohol. Most of all, I have gratitude for those of you who attended and are spreading the word, as this promising event has every potential to blossom into an information-trading mecca among costumers and costume-makers of every background. I hope to see you (and some fresh faces) again in 2015!