Wednesday, March 26, 2014

{Admin} Mira Furlan has a new official Facebook page

Hello everyone!
A sad note to any of you who were unaware, but if you follow Mira Furlan's Twtter account then you would know about the tragic and unexpected death of her webmaster, Moyra J. Bligh, back in November.
A representative for Mira now has access to her official website again after some back-and-forth with the company that owns her domain, but she was unable to reclaim her Official Facebook Page of which Moyra was also the sole admin.
Mira Furlan now has a NEW official Facebook page under her representative's control, so please follow that one instead for news and updates (link below) as the old page will remain inactive until it is taken down.

Mira's new page is here:

Monday, March 24, 2014

{Admin} Autograph & T-shirt Shop Added

A Shop page has been added to the site:
Or simply click the "Shop" link under the site header.

This will serve as a permanent home for the information originally posted to Jason's Facebook page about how fans can now order autographs and T-shirts via Paypal.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

{Admin} Mailing List Option Added

You now have the ability to personally receive any important updates from Jason via email, lest they are potentially lost in your social media feed(s). We are using the MailChimp service, which is highly rated for both security and privacy.
To sign up, you can either click the "Email Signup" button on Jason's Facebook page, or you can subscribe using the signup form embedded in Jason's blog site (over there on the right side of this page).
Jason will only send you information about upcoming events and projects, and no more than once or twice per month.

{Admin} Jason's Official Forum Now Live!

We now have a free forum here on Jason's Blog Site! The link is:
Or simply click the "Forum" link under the site header.

The forum is embedded via Nabble and registration is easy and free.
This is great for those who do not have Google+, Twitter, or Facebook, or who wish to have a place to hang out with Jason online that is independent of social networking.

{Admin} Testing, testing...

First post! Just testing the official site ^_^